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Amazon Associate
Open your Amazon Associate store with millions of products in just minutes!
No expensive hosting needed!
Your store is on your domain name with Your hosting!
Earn Revenue from Amazon product and advertising sales!
Built-in Newsletter and Email Management
Amazon Wish List for your Return Customers
Host your store at a cost of under $6.00 per month!
Earn high commissions on product sales!
Change your stores products, look, text or images at any time!
No inventory, shipping or billing for products, all sales transactions are conducted on the network!
Affiliate Code Tracking Guarantees you Will Receive Your Earned Commissions on Every Sale!.
Exclusive amazon easy cache management system saves pages viewed for faster searches!
Automatic hTML page Generation, Creating a search engine friendly web site structure!
Open any type of store, selling virtually hundreds of thousands of products
build your easy store in Approximately 15 minutes after uploading, with no coding required
Money back guarantee!!
Built in affiliate program, management and payment system



Easy Store System Requirements

The Easy Store Amazon Associate software has similar requirements to other e-commerce storefronts. Most hosts support the Easy Store, which runs on Linux Hosting, PHP 4.0 or higher, and MYSQL database 4.0 or higher.

Domain name
Linux Hosting
PHP 4.x
MySQL Database 4.x
Amazon Associate ID (FREE)

You choose your Domain name

The Easy Store Amazon Associate store allows you to run your store on your own domain name. Choosing your own domin name is important when starting an online store. By using your own domain name, you can customize your store's keywords and theme to agree with your domain and increase traffic to your associate store.

Why are domains so important?
Domain names are important. How you choose your domain name is important too. Every website has a URL which is the address from which it is served to a visitor's browser (Ex:, net, org, etc). Promoting your site requires you to promote your URL so people can find all your great content and products. Sites with long URL's have a harder time being taken seriously - while this isn't fair, it is a reality. It has been suggested that some search engines' ranking algorithms favor sites with their own domain names.
Asking yourself... How do I register a domain name? makes it easy to register domain names and provide everything you need for your website or web business. To purchase a domain name for your store, just type the domain name you want in the "FREE Domain Name" search box and select "GO". You will be instructed step by step!

Linux Website Hosting
When choosing hosting for your website, there are two types of hosting servers to choose from - Linux or Windows. The Easy Store software runs on Linux web hosting. Linux hosting will cost you less than Windows hosting and also has a reputation for stability and speed which means that Linux web servers will crash less often than Windows web servers and Linux runs most processes faster than Windows.
How do I sign up for a Linux hosting account?
Just by choosing to purchase a Linux hosting plan with Madfire, you will save up to $67 Dollars when purchasing The Easy Store software. That's almost one years worth of FREE hosting for your Amazon Associate Store!
PHP is a programming language that allows web developers to create dynamic content that interacts with databases. PHP is basically used for developing web based software applications. It is very common for Linux Website Hosting Companies to have PHP 4.0 or higher

MySQL Database 4.X

The MySQL database server is the most popular open source database in the world and is used to hold The Easy Store's information and images. Any MySQL database that is 4.0 or higher will work for The Easy Store software, including MySQL 5.0.
Amazon Associate ID
Before receiving your commissions from your Amazon Associate storebuilder software, you need to sign up for a free Amazon Associates Account. Get your Amazon Associate ID.


Amazon Easy Afilliate Store Builder
Powered by Amazon AWS
Easy Store Guarantee!

Sales & Support: 401-625-1550

Demo: Store Demonstration
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No Programming
Auto Amazon XML Feed
Host on Your Domain
Selectable Templates
Upload Store Images
Content Management
Affiliate Module
Banner Module
Dynamic Database
Cache Management
Build Your Site in 15 Minutes
Money Back Guaranty

System Requirements
Amazon Associate ID
Domain Name
Linux Hosting
PHP Host 5.X
MYSQL Database 4.X
Amazon Affiliate Storebuilder Features

Online Administration
Cache Page Management
Maximum Revenue Links
Editable Designs
Fast Product Loading
Website Search Engine
Click to Design
Same Amazon Price Levels
Create Your Own Affiliate
Sell Advertising Space
Nothing Else to Buy
Build Your Site in 15 Minutes
Built-in Shopping Cart
Newsletter Management
Affiliate Payment System
Automated Banner Rotation
Full Product Descriptions
Product Wish List
Dynamic Meta Tags
Dynamic HTML Page Creation
No Ongoing Licence Required
Edit Your Store Live
Built-in FTP
Advertiser Payment System
Click Management System

Full Feature Listing

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