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Amazon Associate
Open your Amazon Associate store with millions of products in just minutes!
Your store is on your domain name with Your hosting!
Earn Revenue from Amazon product and advertising sales!
Earn commissions on product sales!
Change your stores products, look, text or images at any time!
No inventory, shipping or billing for products, all sales transactions are conducted on the network!
Affiliate Code Tracking Guarantees you Will Receive Your Earned Commissions on Every Sale!.
Exclusive amazon easy cache management system saves pages viewed for faster searches!
Open any type of store, selling virtually hundreds of thousands of products
build your store, with no coding required
Money back guarantee!



Amazon Easy Store Builder Testimonials
See what our customers have to say about our Amazon Associate software and customer service!

We found implementation of the Easy store to be very quick and intuitive. The fact that no revenue is shared with the program authors is just what we were looking for. So many similar products require this sharing. The store worked as is, but was easy to customize for our unique needs. Before we even got the store live, we had orders! It actually took longer to get our logo drawn up that to get the store live. We did have a few support requests, and, they were answered very promptly.

There is simply no better way to get an Amazon affiliate store running than the Easy Store. Hands down, the best tool for the job. It's very powerful, and, being php based, easy to change if you ever want or need to.

Jesus G. Review

Perfect. The Best Great Live Human Customer & Technical Support By Phone!

The Easy Store exceeds my expectations as it is the perfect product for me from the perfect company and I intend to purchase many more! Let's start off with the fact that I actually work hard to be lazy and this program is my Lazy Mans dream! Essentially all I have to have is a good domain name, a specific product group to sell and don't have to invest any money in inventory or anything else other then the low set-up cost and everything is found money with this program running itself! I originally bought their main competitors software and even though I have pretty good computer skills (though no web experience) I couldn't get their competitors program installed. Instead of being able to talk to their competitor by phone in a timely manner, their competitor seemed to not grasp the concept of having a phone number. So I played email tag for a few days and just said screw it. To their competitors credit, I did get a refund from them right away. Anyway, I had never heard of the Easy Store till I saw their name mentioned in a forum. I looked them up and as soon as I saw that they offered Live Telephone Support, I joined immediately and am very happy I did. Wow, Live Telephone Support, what a novel concept, lol! Kudos for them. Their live support was great. Jim in their technical department installed everything for me, told me everything I needed to know, helped me customize it and was an invaluable source of knowledge. My easy store looks great and I intend to buy many more. What a great company!
"Let me say, you guys and gals are FANTASTIC! The service you provide is impeccable. I haven’t had to wait for more than 10 seconds to chat with one of your technical support staff. The logo you designed for me is first rate and the software installation…well besides being FREE, you had my store up and running within an hour of my purchase. Now that is FAST!! The software is so easy to use even my mother could navigate around in it and she doesn’t even know how to check her email…No Joke! I am so impressed with you that I am considering opening up several other specialized stores and I have been touting your product to my friends, neighbors and co-workers. They all absolutely love the way my site looks. 5 STARS!!!! I wouldn’t consider any other company that is in your line of business. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!"

- Gary Kratky Review

Easy means easy,
Quite possibly the easiest task I have ever accomplished on the internet. The Easy Store has a solution for every problem no matter how small. The folks at Zeus Amazon, and Madfire (super fast servers) were amazing to work with. If you have worked with other hosting companies try these folks, you will be blown away. Thanks again for a smooth running store and tons of great support.

- Joe Bruno

"In my quest to enter the Affiliate Marketing arena I signed on with the Easy Store. My first call was answered by David C. who was extremely professional and explained the process completely. He then had Brett R., the Web designer who suffered through all my pains and at no time did I feel as if he was tired to hear from me.

Thanks to the team at the Easy Store for making my website a reality and a very satisfied customer. I am and will remain forever grateful to all of you for the great job and professionalism displayed."

Thanks again,

- Shearon G.

"Great job. I wish to thank your customer service for being able to attend to my needs in making this website a remarkable one. In fact, I am very satisfied with my new Easy Store. I have no doubt in recommending your services to anyone."

Once again, thank you.


Christopher I, A. Review

I am a developer, this software is absolutly the best I've ever seen for storebuilding. I could go on forever naming all the great features. I have 6 stores set up on the software (for the past 9 months). 2 of the 6 stores are having amazing success (they are the 2 best domains, therefore get the most visability). The 2 stores sell sporting equipment, and over the past nine months I have made about $3,800. Granted, I did a lot of advertising via pay-per-click, but the store itself allowed me to customize so much and manage all of my affiliates and stuff sooo easily. This storebuilder is amazing and I have already recommended it to my friends who are looking to get into this new business.

TIP: Make sure you set your store up on a good domain name, possibly targeting a certain product will help bring more traffic to your site! Review

Quite a lovely piece of software. I made my purchase only 3 days ago and I am already set up with my site thanks to the quick service The Easy Store offered. I dealt with Suzanna the most, who explained everything to me and gave me some helpful tips on marketing my site (I am pretty new at this stuff I know ;-) )

My decision to purchase The Easy Store was made after browsing around all the other storebuilder programs, which I was not pleased with, many store builders take commission from your sales, have monthly fees, dont have as many nice features, and just simply don't look very nice! I did notice that The Easy Store is slightly more expensive than a few other store builders(I paid $219 for the optional ads. version), but the price is worth it since theres no monthly fees, they don't take commission and they were so helpful. I am still working with them now to get some pages customized ( I have lots of cool ideas for my site :-D ). So needless to say, I am very pleased and am excited to see what type of success the store will bring to me.


"I've never had a web page before, I purchased this program and I'm very pleased with the results .I purchased the store with no advertising and now I can advertise my own links. No more results to pay for. Help is just a phone call away, I would rate their service A+. " Review

"The program is easy to use. I chose to install myself and came upon some kinks in the way, but their customer service was right on top of it. Very program and courteous and extremely helpful in every way. I have to give them an A+" Review

"I really enjoyed my experience with the Easy Store. I did the free installation promotion that they have and they took care of everything for me, they even walked me through purchasing a domain name on their registry. Since I am new at this, their tech support and customer service was VERY patient and helpful always. I really my store and love their services."

"Thank so much for installing our site it looks great and is just what we wanted."

- Thank you again,


I love this software and the developers who did my banner!

- Thanks

“ I couldn’t believe how easy the Amazon easy store builder Storebuilder was! I came across it online when I was looking for a company to build out a store front for my web site. Uploading the site took 30 minutes and after that it only took about 5 minutes to install. The easy store team customized the whole store builder to fit my web site.”

- Jodie C.

“Great customer service. I know nothing about computers and Amazon easy store builder helped install the store for me. I definitely recommend Amazon easy store builder, it was very inexpensive and easy. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about it, it manages itself and updates the products all the time.- awesome! I even went in and customized my navigation and store look.”

- Brandon

“SOOO EASY!!! I really don't think you can find a better Amazon affiliate program. Once you buy the software, Amazon Easy walks you through the entire process. I just started advertising a few days ago and I'm already getting buyers!”

- Jessica

“The site looks really good. I had a domain name and no site yet, all I did was customize everything I wanted on Amazon easy store builder, then linked it to my site (they show you everything). Now I have an entire site, yesterday I had nothing! "

- Rob

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Amazon Easy Afilliate Store Builder
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Auto Amazon XML Feed
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Money Back Guarantee

System Requirements
Amazon Associate ID
Domain Name
Linux Hosting
PHP Host 5.X
MYSQL Database 4.X
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Online Administration
Cache Page Management
Maximum Revenue Links
Editable Designs
Fast Product Loading
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