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Amazon Associate
Open your Amazon Associate store with millions of products in just minutes!
Your store is on your domain name with Your hosting!
Earn Revenue from Amazon product and advertising sales!
Earn commissions on product sales!
Change your stores products, look, text or images at any time!
No inventory, shipping or billing for products, all sales transactions are conducted on the network!
Affiliate Code Tracking Guarantees you Will Receive Your Earned Commissions on Every Sale!.
Exclusive amazon easy cache management system saves pages viewed for faster searches!
Open any type of store, selling virtually hundreds of thousands of products
build your store, with no coding required
Money back guarantee!




Amazon Easy Store builder for store owners

Make it your first online store

Associate Store BuilderAmazon easy store builder is designed for a range or users, including store owners. Thanks to an easy to use interface, all you need to do is point and click to create a store with literally thousands of products. Amazon easy store builder has it's own html interface. All you have to do is type in your content, add images, links, and your done. You can also use your favorite HTML editors like MS FrontPage and Macromedia Dreamweaver to easily create new pages and add images. The best part is the commission you will earn every time you make a product sale on your store builder.You can earn up to 8.5% on every purchase made! If you own your own mortar and brick business, you can even have your products integrated into your online store with our shopping cart. Contact our design team for more information about adding your own products to your Easy Store.

Even checkout is simple to operate. The Amazon easy store builder software supports and Paypal to bring you secure and easy checkouts. No setup, just click the boxes to allow users to use your safe and comfortable checkout process. Amazon easy store builder has partnered with to make checkouts simple. All of the shipping and product inventory are handled for you, so you can leave your store and let it collect money by itself!

Add to your brick & mortar business by selling your products, amazon's products, or both, all on your online store.

Already have an online store? Adding Amazon Easy Store builder to your store will help your store with search engines and increase your traffic.

Have little or no maintenance with your online business!


Add to an existing store

Besides being a great e-store by itself, the Amazon easy store builder software can increase sales on your existing store. It's easy to add the store onto a back page or incorporate specific products to match your existing store. Adding Amazon easy store builder to your store will help your store with search engines and increase your traffic.

Look no further, Amazon easy store builder is SEO optimized and will solve all of your traffic problems. Search engine optimization is the art of using search engines as a vehicle for getting more visitors to your website. If you get higher rankings in search results, more searchers are likely to click on your listing, leading to a steady stream of interested customers which will drive your profit! Search Engine Optimization is an important part of Amazon easy store builder. Your keywords, descriptions, and content will all be relative according to your domain name and the products you choose to sell.

Drive more traffic to your site

The best part about Amazon easy store builder is the fact that it creates unique pages every time a user searches for an item. Thanks to the Amazon Easy Cache Management system, every time a customer searches a product your Amazon Easy store builder will create a dynamic page. You can access the cache management in the administration section to view all of these automatically created html pages. If a customer searches for an item that has already been searched the page will show up much quicker the second time due to the caching system. For example, if a customer were to search for LCD monitors, a new page with an extension called will be created. Amazon easy store builder is a traffic monster!

ASIN Lookup Tool

ASIN lookup toolIf your a current store owner you can completely customize your storebuilder to suit your current needs. Your storebuilder will come with the ability to add specific products to your homepage. If you would like to add a certain product to your homepage you can simply use your store's ASIN lookup tool. With this tool you can find a product ASIN number to utilize products on your hompage and any featured items menu. To locate your Amazon ASIN number, you simply enter a keyword to search the type of product you would like to feature. The ASIN number will be displayed below each product. You can then copy and paste the ASIN numbers into any field requesting for an ASIN number. Learn more about the ASIN lookup tool!

What type of store can I create with Amazon Easy Store builder software?

amazon store builderEasy Store Features

  • No revenue share required
  • No Ongoing Licensing Requirements
  • Change Your Site Site Anytime, Live
  • Host On Your Own Domain or Hosting Account
  • Advertising Management Program
  • Affiliate Program Module
  • Built-in shopping cart allows to add to cart some products and leave your web site only when ready to checkout at
  • Product and category names in page titles
  • Easy-to-modify templates
  • Page management with WYSIWYG HTML editor to simplify custom store content
  • XML over HTTP, no SOAP interaction overheads
  • Fast XML parsing engine
  • Page Cache management for fast speeds and expanded dynamic site value

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Amazon easy store builder can help you create a new store or add additional products to your existing storefront. With Easy Store builder's SEO tools, your storefront will attract more visitors from search engines and your sales. amazon easy associate store

Choose an existing design templates, create your own, design your images, navigation, buttons and more! If your looking for a professional store design that's easy to customize, it's the Easy Store builder!

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If you're a beginner, Amazon easy store builder is made for you. No matter what your computer experience is! Simple to install, customize, choose your own products, and simple to operate. You'll be amazed at how easy it is!
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Amazon Easy Afilliate Store Builder
Powered by Amazon AWS
Easy Store Guarantee!

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No Programming
Auto Amazon XML Feed
Host on Your Domain
Selectable Templates
Upload Logo
Content Management
Dynamic Database
Cache Management
Money Back Guarantee

System Requirements
Amazon Associate ID
Domain Name
Linux Hosting
PHP Host 5.X
MYSQL Database 4.X
Amazon Affiliate Storebuilder Features

Online Administration
Cache Page Management
Maximum Revenue Links
Editable Designs
Fast Product Loading
Website Search
Click to Design
Same Amazon Price Levels
Full Product Descriptions
Dynamic Meta Tags
Dynamic HTML Page Creation
No Ongoing Licence Required
Edit Your Store Live

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